Our service desk is always available. See below for details. NOTE: Since our Plugin depends on the Google API you may also want to consider joining the Google Maps & Earth Help Forum for general answers to complex mapping problems. Click Here.

Serving Our Customers Is Our First Priority

We'd like to share a little about our customer service philosophy:

We are always very accessible.

The advantage of working with us is that, as a small business, we are very flexible and agile in our offerings. Many times we have orders that require a very quick turnaround. So it helps to know that who you are talking with is a decision maker and you don't have to go through three or four layers of people to get anything done. We like to give our customer direct access to the person who is actually going to be doing the work.

We bring expertise to the table.

Our customer service team is our front line in making sure our customers are not just satisfied - but are genuinely happy to work with us. Everyone here cares about our products, and have an active role in making certain what we sell exceed our customers' expectations.  We try hard to be courteous, good-listeners, empathetic, consistent, and patient in all that we do. Having an experienced customer-representative is vital, too, but we realize that this can be a double-edged sword: too much, and our representative may sound pedantic or condescending; too little, and our representative won't know how to handle delicate situations. So our customer service personnel have just enough experience and capabilities, but not too much, so we're on most often our customer's level.

We make sure our staff is well equipped.

99.9% of the time, any question or concern is not too hard or too deep for our customer-service personnel to address immediately, where most often he or she can take care of the customer's need immediately. We believe in being fully attentive to our customers' desires, needs and wants and have the tools and abilities in our systems and authorizations to take care of any issue quickly, and with the most satisfying results.

Need attention beyond our standard Live Chat support?

If you need to speak with us or are not satisfied with the support you have received using our live chat, we ask that you complete our online helpdesk form or email our support team with your issue, and then give us at least 24 hours to get back to you.

Our customer service team is available every day except on Sundays. We try hard to be responsive and will get back to most customer service requests within 24 hours. As of now, this type of support from WP Nearby Places is provided at no charge or expense to our customers.

We look forward to serving you.