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WP Nearby Places lets you easily create Google maps for your WordPress website with your specified location at its center. Website visitors will have the ability to quickly search what's around your specified location like no other mapping plugin that uses the power of Google maps. WP Nearby Places also uniquely breaks down neighborhood locations by categories, such as “Restaurants”, “Parks”, “Police” and, depending which version you purchase, provides the locations’ name, address, URL, website address, phone number and distance (in miles or kilometers) from the central location. There are 3 versions available: Basic (which is free and available through, PRO and Premium (which is offered here). For details about ALL our licensed versions that are available, including our exciting Add-ons, go to


Want To Try The FREE Version First?

WP Nearby Places Basic is completely FREE and now also available at The Basic version includes:

  • A Map sidebar
  • Responsive design
  • Markers display name and address of locations
  • List view of all nearby locations with addresses
  • Ability to add multiple locations on a map

Our free version displays all the locations by category, which surround your location. For a demonstration of this version, click here.

Get the Free Version Here - All the benefits of membership, including tutorials, are included,
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  • Here’s What You Get
  • A License Key – It gives you the right to install WP Nearby Places Premium on one website.
  • The Plugin Zip File – The Premium version plugin will be provided for you to download and store on your computer, so it is available when needed.Awarded-best-in-class-2018-by-Click-IT
  • Access to the Members' Area - Access your account information in our Members' Area when you log in. Installation and usage lessons along with video tutorials will be accessible to you there. As a member, you will also receive offers and additional discounts when they become available.
  • Add-on Availability – As a Premium customer, you will also be given advanced notice of add-on availability and special discounts, plus information, including instructional videos, on how to install and use the plugin and add-ons.


  • All the features of PRO plus some extra advantages and benefits
  • Marker displays name and address phone numbers and website URL
  • All details shown on grid-view in bottom bar, including distance in miles
  • Save and share your favorites stuff
  • Five multiple options to add dynamic short code
  • Display up to 3 locations on a single map
  • Featured neighbors -allows you to show locations of special places in your area
  • Unlimited Map Creation - Ability to add and manage as many maps as you desire
  • Ability to choose your map sidebar colors and font colors
  • Unlimited options to add dynamic short code
  • WP Nearby Places Premium
Featured Neighbors – The most exciting feature is the ability to feature neighbors on your website and in your maps of nearby places. There are places in any neighborhood where they are the “main event”, the main attraction of why someone would travel there to that neighborhood. For instance, a Starbucks nearby is the main attraction for a lot of neighborhoods. A winery, a park, a famous restaurant…

This is a brilliant addition only available in the Premium version that will help improve a map’s usefulness while also helping to improve local search engine rankings. We are also working on many Add-ons for Premium users. See Add-ons.
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Money-Back-Guarantee-200Money-Back Guarantee
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Key Features of WP Nearby Places Premium

Center Your Location Make your address the center of the universe on a Google Map, where everything revolves around you!

Categorized Places 
All the different types of places are categorized so that finding what you're looking for is a breeze!

Featured Neighbors
Use this special feature to display neighbor places near your location which may not appear normally on Google Maps. (Available in the Premium version only.)

Increase SEO Ranking
In Premium version, Featured Neighbor can increase your SEO Rankings by encouraging Backlinks.

Developed Especially for Mobile Use, For People On the GO!

ATM - Bank

See where your closest bank is & get some money fast!

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Find our where the closest movie theater is

Jump up and go to the movies right around the corner!

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Find where to drop off your Laundry

Find where to drop off your laundry on your way to work!

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Discover where the nearest Restaurant is

Get a bite to eat at a local bar and meet your neighbors!

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  • Use Coupon Code: FLASH to Receive a 25% Discount