Examples of Use

Below Are Examples of Websites Using WP Nearby Places

A. Apartment Rentals:

  1. https://www.clevelandheightsapartmentliving.com/nearby-places/
  2. https://shakerheightsapartmentliving.com/nearby-places/

B. Coupons of Local Featured Neighbors:

  1. https://heightsapartmentliving.com/advertise-on-our-websites/

C. Attracting Visitors to an Area:

  1. https://endofthecommons.com

D. Resort Using Basic Version:

  1. https://blacksquirrelfarmhouse.com/nearby-activities/

E. Homeowner Associations:

  1. https://theestatesacworth.com/

F. Real Estate Agents - Helps Promote Home Sales

G. Guide Books / Maps