All Who Wander Are Not Lost

This makes exploring any new area a breeze and totally exciting to boot. Like having a crystal ball. Knowing where to get the best pizza and see a movie. Syncing into the time frame of all the venues. All in real time – no longer just paper maps. See what and were is all happening. A virtual time machine on Google maps. See it all before you get there. As a matter of fact, I have just made an inquiry and got an almost immediate answer to my question. Fabulous menu, but what is arugula lettuce? This is so amazing a plugin to live for. I was browsing the menu at a Pizza Parlor and asked what was arugula? Got my answer really fast. Arugula is Lettuce. I am so sold on this and love google maps. I’m already using it to navigate the world. Even in Bangkok.

Hi there!

You have reached Slice, the online platform.

Arugula is a leafy green.

Can you let me know what restaurant’s menu you are browsing?

Thanks, La Dolce Vita you have been very helpful.